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Guiding the Legacy of your Family Business


Welcome, my name is Jeremy Manalis. I understand and hold great empathy for the complex roles and relationships that exist within a family business. From this place of empathy, I guide members to communicate clearly with each other about challenges they face related to ownership, family, and their business. This allows enterprising families to intentionally and collaboratively shape their legacy and guide it into reality, positively impacting future generations as well as the greater world. While this process certainly isn't easy or pretty, it can access untapped potential in both the family and the business. 


What Jeremy can do for your Family Business


Exit Planning

Governance Development


Family Retreats

Visioning & Alignment

Continuity & Succession Planning

Leadership Development





In addition, I provide leadership coaching to mid-level and senior management of organizations. I coach leaders to become clear, effective, and emotionally intelligent. I am passionate about leadership development for next generation leaders of family enterprises.



If my approach speaks to you, let's have a conversation so I can learn more about you, your family, and your business. Together, we can determine if I am a good fit for your needs.




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