I have clearly observed some common values held by those who I helped the most. If you connect with the values listed below, then you will most likely benefit from my approach at Map & Compass.

Relational Trust

Though it certainly takes grit to build, relational trust is the bedrock of thriving organizations and healthy business families.  

Authenticity through Vulnerability

Being vulnerable is always a risk, but a worthy one. Leaders who are willing to get real make their organizations and families a safer place for everyone.

Be the Change you Want to See

If we want to truly create change in others, we start by modeling change ourselves. This isn’t always easy.


Families by nature are diverse and thus come in many different formations. And people have diverse identities. Taking a stand for inclusivity honors the humanity in all of us. 

Speak the Truth

Holding back from speaking our truth doesn’t help anyone. Let’s speak the truth and do it with kindness.


When we are connected to each other and working solid as a team, fun happens and laughter erupts. Emotional safety leads to fun. And fun leads to creativity and innovation. Yet more than anything, fun just makes everything a lot more…well…fun! This is especially important for business families.