I know firsthand about the challenges and triumphs of family businesses. Nearly a decade ago, my wife and I co-founded Family Ties Counseling Center. Together, we have grown it to over 20 employees. We have had a steep learning curve over the years to create both a thriving business and a healthy family. I also come from entrepreneurial roots as both sides of my family have multi-generational businesses. Each one has a unique story and legacy that embody the complexity and beauty that is family business. 

I have many roles when I work with business families: coach, facilitator, advisor, mediator, counselor, teacher, and consultant. My overarching goal is to empower all members of business families to intentionally shape their legacy and then guide it into reality. While this process certainly isn’t easy or pretty, it can access untapped potential in both the family and their business. I am also passionate about leadership development for next generation leaders. 

My undergraduate degree is in Philosophy and Religion from UC Santa Barbara.  I hold a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College and practiced for 15 years as a family therapist.  I am also a CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor) trained at the Exit Planning Institute. I am currently earning the designation of Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) through a year long intensive training program with the Family Enterprise Xchange based in Canada. 

I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and two young daughters.




What Jeremy can do for your Family Business

Visioning & Alignment

Managing Transitions 

Leadership Development

Strategic Planning


Exit Planning

Governance Development


Enterprise Assessment


Conflict Mediation