Mission & Vision


Leaders take the risk to bring their vulnerable and authentic selves to their positions, allowing trust to deepen throughout their organization and family.

All stakeholders in a family enterprise are encouraged to speak truth to power AND to have their voice be honored by leadership so that the family enterprise as a whole can develop to higher levels of performance, capability, and profitability. 

Leaders use their power & authority with clear intention, collaboration, and care.  

Next generation leaders are supported to develop both personally & professionally.

Advisors work collaboratively and creatively in service of their family business clients.

Family members are able to stay connected to one another as their business transitions, ownership shifts, and their family grows. 



To teach skills to make the unspeakable speakable and relational.

To provide leadership development to next generation leaders.


To teach family members, shareholders and business leaders to communicate directly, honestly, and with compassion for each other.

To mentor leaders & business families on cultivating relational trust. 

To train leaders & business families to practice self-awareness in real time so they can choose how they respond to others.

To teach leaders and their teams to learn how to both give and receive growth-oriented feedback so they all can perform at their very best.

To support family businesses to intentionally set up simple, useful, and relavant governing structures.


To provide exit planning to business owners so they can achieve the outcome that best serves them and their families. 

To provide business families with education & training so they are empowered to make purposeful decisions.

To coach leaders to identify specific and observable new behaviors to practice that will get them the results that they need.

To encourage leaders to link their personal & professional development with bottom-line business results.

 To develop leaders to intentionally use their authority with clarity and compassion.