Jeremy Manalis is an experienced facilitator and trainer. He is available to work with your organization to develop customized and specialized trainings to meet the unique needs of your people and your culture. He can also create and deliver online trainings. Examples of trainings and workshops are: 


  • Communicating constructively with your co-workers
  • How to be a successful new manager / supervisor 
  • How to have difficult conversations in the workplace
  • Bringing engaged mindfulness into the workplace 
  • Mindfulness and the paradox of efficiency: slowing down to get more done
  • Coaching and mentorship skills for senior managers  
  • Finding power and creativity in your current position 
  • Cultivating a trauma-informed workplace 
  • Accessing self-directed leadership in individual contributors 
  • Bringing your full self to work doesn’t mean falling apart: how vulnerability and authenticity can forge a strong workplace culture 


Ongoing, Full-day, half-day, hourly and lunch & learn sessions are available for workplace trainings. Please reach out to Jeremy to have a conversation with him about your needs.