Are you a family owned business who would like to communicate better to access the untapped potential of both your business and your family ?

Read through the following experiences and notice if any stand out as familiar to your family.

  •  As the founder, you avoid having the tough conversations with other family members about important business concerns like transitioning the business to the next generation or establishing a family board.  

  • As part of the the next generation, you value the legacy being handed to you. You feel confident to speak out and have those tough conversations with the senior generation but need help doing it.

  •  Your family and your family business feel stuck and you’re not sure why.  You want the honest truth about what’s getting in the way of your family business thriving and your family feeling more connected. 

  • Deep down you know that your family relationships are the most important ones and yet you don’t know how to be as successful with them as you do with other non-family business relationships.  You feel much more competent in business relationships than you do in family relationships.   

  • You find it much easier to invest in financial advisors and wealth management strategist than it is to invest in a relational specialist to help your family have clear and direct communication with each other.    

  • You hold back being honest with your kids about planning for the family business because you are afraid of treating them unequally.   

  • You are challenged to find a supportive bridge to help your family from their emotional distress / avoidance cycle to acting on solid outcomes for your business. 


  • As a founder, your daughter or son that you had expected to take over your business tells you they are not interested; you’re in shock and not sure what to do next.
  • You are worried that family relationships will be permanently fractured if things don’t change for the better in both the family and the business.    


If you relate to any of these experiences, I can help you.

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