Are you a manager who knows your value & would like to be more empowered to make change happen in your organization?

Read through the following experiences and notice if any stand out as familiar to you.

  • You know you have potential as a leader but feel alone and unsupported in developing it.
  • You aren’t satisfied with the company vision and often find yourself wanting and waiting for a truer and more meaningful vision to come down from above that will give you guidance.
  • You feel stuck in your ability to elevate to higher positions of leadership in your organization.
  • You are frustrated because no one in your organization is talking about what’s really going on and the change that really needs to happen.  And you are worried that this denial is going to take down the company. 
  • You feel unmotivated and disheartened from watching the senior executives of your organization focus on generating numbers and spreadsheets instead of providing credible visionary leadership. 
  • You are too dependent on higher leadership to develop the greater vision of where the ship is heading.
  • In the face of a stagnating organization, you notice yourself withdrawing more and more each day, just going through the motions. 
  • Your anxiety is growing by the day because you are avoiding facing specific people at work.   
  • You have lost meaning and purpose in your job as manager and are just going through the motions.   
  • You are getting challenging feedback from your boss and/or your reports and need some guidance on how to learn and grow from it.  
  • You’ve noticed that you’re complaining a lot about your job to friends and you don’t like feeling like a victim.

If you relate to any of these experiences, I can help you.

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