Are you in a senior leadership position and would like to align your team around a clear and strong vision to drive phenomenal results?

Read through the following experiences and notice if any stand out as familiar to you.

  • Your anxiety is growing by the day because you are avoiding facing & dealing with specific people and their situations. 
  • You struggle to get traction with your team on one change initiative and see it through from vision to implementation.
  • You feel resistance from certain members of your team and you’re stumpted about how to handle it. 
  • You avoid facing needed change because you know it’ll be uncomfortable and potentially risky. 
  • You are getting challenging feedback from your board and members of your team; you need some guidance on how to learn and grow from it. 
  • You notice you are afraid to change personally even though you know that it’s necessary if you are to change your organization. 
  • You respond reactively with certain members of your team. You know it doesn’t help but sometimes you can’t help yourself.  
  • You are frustrated because the changes that you and your team work hard to coordinate and implement don’t seem to stick further down in your organization. 
  • Through constantly attending to the needs of others and  putting out fires, you’ve lost touch with what matters most to you. You know this isn’t sustainable and that it’s negatively impacting your organization.  
  • You’re frustrated with your team because they are too nice and lack vitality and creativity; they are not delivering the results you expect.
  • You see your teams siloed from one another. You would like them to contribute in an aligned and collaborative way.

  • You are short on time and need targeted and efficient help to expedite your leadership development.


  • You are constantly being asked by your mid-level managers for a true vision to guide them. You secretly hope they will stop asking because you don’t know what else to give them. Deep down, it touches on an inadequacy in you about not being able to create a meaningful vision for your company. 

If you relate to any of these experiences, I can help you.

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